Are you interested in starting a Minecraft Club at your school using iPads and desktop computers? Here is a guide from a pilot project at Torrence Creek Elementary Spring 2013 to help you get started. For more questions please contact Trish Cloud, Grand Oak and/or Donna Jessup, CMS Instructional Technology.

Ideal Grades/Age Group- 3rd-5th grade or students in K-1 who have previous exposure to Minecraft.


iPads and Android devices for schools doing BYOT

PE Minecraft LIte

Ask the school's Apple administrator to install PE Minecraft Lite (free version) through Apple Configurator on the iPads.
School's with BYOT can have students bring their own devices with PE Minecraft LIte installed.

PE Minecraft Full

(not available through volume purchasing for iOS devices)

Students will not be able to collaborate.

Desktop Computers

PDF Slides of **Obtaining** and Installing MinecraftEdu

Minecraft EDU

The school will need to purchase licenses for desktop version through Minecraft EDU
Torrence Creek purchased a 25 pack license for $335.00 ($13.40 per license)
5 extra licenses for an additional $90.00 to complete a lab of 30 computers.
You will also need to purchase Minecraft EDU Teacher software extention at $41.00
Lawson Information
TeacherGamingLLC- Vendor # 85362
Financial secretary scanned P.O. and emailed it to vendor. The vendor is located in Finland.
The vendor emailed first invoice but mailed second invoice. The school mailed a check to the vendor but did everything else via email.
Contact person- Santeri Koivisto- Email:

Install Purchase
School's should also consider purchasing an installation for the computers from Southeastern.
School's with a tech. contact that has been trained to install software on the network can do it on their own.
Minecraft is NOT standard CMS software therefore it is not supported by CMS helpdesk. School's where the technology contact installs the software are liable for any issue that may arise as a result of the installation.

Computer Specs
Currently CMS desktops can run the software using one desktop as the server. This desktop also has the teacher management software.
It has been the experience of Torrence Creek that only about 13 students can work in the desktop version simultaneously. We are continuing to explore this and will update this wiki as more information is discovered.

Curriculum Connection
3rd Grade Math
3 MD.B.4, MD.C.5, MD.C.6,MD.C7