Helps and Suggestion for Helping Steve and Avoiding Creepers

Chaz one of our miners had a GREAT Halloween Costume (see the photo), and he's been nice enough to share the website where he learned how to make it. http://www.stevelange.net/2011/10/24/making-your-own-minecraft-steve-head-from-pdfs/


From Aidan Settle: Herobrine only lives under snow. What you have to do to find him is get to snow then dig straight down until you fall then find the hallway, then just go through the hall til you find him. P.S. You will need a lot of torches!!!! DON'T FORGET THE TORCHES!

Here is a link to the Minecraft Wiki for information on how to set up the Reactor Core: Reactor Core

From Nick V. The best house to build is in mountain.

Calvin S. Dug down deep and found lava, keep digging and you will probably find diamonds and gold.

Nicholas V. If you put any brick block down and go to menu quickly and minus it out, your brick will double.

Maddie K. Make a portal and put a bed next to it, and sleep, when you wake up, some pieces of the portal will have broken off, and you can use those to build a new portal. And sometimes it will build a portal for you and have the broken one.

Nick M. If you dig straight down to bedrock and go 13 blocks up from bedrock, and dig all around you can find gold, diamond, iron, lapis, and coal.

Corey T. If you hit a creeper with an ax you get TNT