Lesson Ideas for PE Minecraft

How do you survive?

Go into straight Survival Mode in Minecraft.

Do what is necessary to survive the first night. If you do not survive the first night, respawn and try again. After you have survived a night go to Kidblog on the iPad. It should go to Cloud Lily Pad. Write a blog giving step by step instructions for how to survive your first night.

Build Like Me...

Go into Creative Mode in Minecraft.

Find a partner.

Each of you build a structure keeping track of your method as you go. When you have completed, go to Kidblog and write instructions on how to build a structure identical to yours. Go to your partner’s blog and read the instructions they left for their building. Build a structure following their instructions, now compare structures....how did you do?

What was good about the instructions?
Were they easy to follow?
What could have made them better?
Is it important to follow directions as they are given? Why or Why not?

Solve Me...

Go into Creative Mode in Minecraft PE.

Build an environment for Steve. After you have done, come up with 2 word problems involving Steve’s environment and/or the structures in Steve’s environment.

Write the problems out on Kidblog so someone can solve them. Or write them on signs in game.

They can be problems involving the area of buildings.

Problems asking how many blocks it will take to build something ? blocks long by ? blocks wide.


Begin your world in Minecraft Peaceful Mode

Ohhhhh, you have such a headache. How did you get here? You were on a ship sailing to another country and you remember the ship hitting something, but that is the last thing you remember.

You have awakened in this deserted place, you see no other survivors. You do see various animals moving about. Like Robinson Crusoe, your job is to survive. You must build shelter and find food. You must learn to craft the materials you will need to survive. How will you do it?

Just as if you were on a deserted island you much keep a journal about your days and nights on the island. You will keep it going in Kidblog on your iPad.

Better yet, using the signs available in PE Minecraft document your journey using signs.


Every book has a setting. So, grab the book you are reading and look at the chapter you are reading. Re-create a scene from that chapter in Minecraft. I know you will only have one character, that is ok.

If you need to change the appearance of your surroundings check out the seed list on the PE Minecraft Wiki. The list has grown. But you should be able to show us what you are reading.

Seed Catalog

You are assigned one of the many PE Minecraft Seeds. Start a world in whatever mode you prefer.

Get familiar with the seed. Explore, investigate, build, create, and then tell us about the seed. What makes it special? Take us on a tour of the seed. Use screen capture to show us special points of interest.

Record all this in your Messages from the Mine blog.