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Minecraft Edu or PE Minecraft...

This is the place for you to find what you need if you are beginning or already have Minecraft Club at your school. Keep checking back as we add and enhance the wiki experience at the CMS Minecraft Club Wiki.

Check out all the COOL reading in our links to the <---left. Just added "A Young Person's Guide to Programming in Minecraft" for all the coders!

Please check out our page with the steps to install Minecraft Edu after the Windows 7 Upgrade!

A Panel Discussion from this year's Minecon with Joel Levin the Minecraft Teacher and all the guys from Teacher Gaming LLC the makers of Minecraft EDU

Article from the Charlotte Observer About Minecraft Being Used in the Classroom

The PE Minecraft Seed List is Growing!

Check out our Seed Page listed below for new seeds to try.

Minecraft PE App of the Week!

Visit iTunesU and search App of the Week. Our Minecraft PE episode is available NOW!

What's in this Wiki?

  • links to the app in iTunes
  • how PE Minecraft is being used
  • links to MinecraftEdu for those interested in the full version of Minecraft for their classrooms
  • link to How To Start a Minecraft Club guide
  • links to Massively Minecraft an online Guild of students from all over the world who play Minecraft together in a safe human monitored server with participants who are teachers as well as parents

MinecraftEdu Wiki here...tons of information

Now! If you have difficulty connecting Minecraft PE via wifi there is an AWESOME app available in the App Store that will connect iPads via Bluetooth. Check out Minecraft Multiplayer App

I just found this link Wiki How that gives even more cool instructions on how to succeed in Minecraft PE!

What is PE Minecraft?

  • an iOS or Android based game found on phones and tablets.
  • two versions are available, free and paid
  • accordingly the free version is limited and you are unable to save worlds
  • with the full paid version you have almost the same functionality as the desktop version
  • one plus of PE Minecraft - easier to manipulate than the desktop and therefore easier for younger students